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Detoxification and cleansing are vital in today’s world. We ingest many harmful contaminants, heavy metals and toxins through our food and water. We are also exposed to many harmful elements through the air we breathe, showering, consumer products, Wi-Fi and our environment. Over time, this can result in a toxic build-up in our systems and may lead to health conditions, diseases and an unhappy life.

There are many false claims that detoxification is not needed nor healthy. There is also propaganda telling us that everything’s fine with our food and water supply. Companies, such as Monsanto, would have you believe that the pesticides they spray on our food cause us no harm. The profit Monsanto and other companies make on these chemicals is a great incentive to promote information that is untruthful and harmful to our health and well-being.  

Detox Cleanses offer highly effective and healthy solutions to remove what does not belong from your system. We have gone through a rigorous process of product selection to ensure that our products and services are effective for your detoxes. Satya Detox provides access to products and services such as unique kits that may be greatly helpful and you may not know about.

Offering a Wide Variety of Detoxes:


Liver and Gallbladder

Harmful Organisms such as parasites, worms, candida, fungus and yeast

Heavy Metals and Chemicals including mercury, lead, fluoride and arsenic


Allergies and Food Allergies

Many of these detox cleanses can be greatly enhanced when accompanied by Bionic Hydrotherapy Footbaths.

Comprehensive Detoxing:

Satya Detox fully supports a comprehensive detox of your mind, body, emotions and behaviors. We have found that this type of detox can help you let go of physical and energetic elements that are not supporting you. We provide a Guide to Detox to provide step-by-step instructions to help with your detoxes. We truly believe this guidance will help you get more out of your detoxes.

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