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Footbath Detox Sessions

We all know how good it feels to soak our tired and aching feet in a hot tub. Imagine that soak not only feeling good but also improving your health and well-being. Bionic Hydrotherapy footbaths are appreciated for their ease-of-use in detoxifying and cleansing toxins from the interstitial fluid of the lymphatic system. Bionic Hydrotherapy footbaths have been used for reducing inflammation and many other issues.

I began soaking in Bionic Hydrotherapy footbaths after being motivated to detoxify from taking extremely strong medications. My ability to remember was impaired, I felt “foggy” and I was struggling to be clear and focused. Overall, I did not feel well due to the heavy metal and chemical toxins residue from the medications. Bionic Hydrotherapy footbaths, along with other treatments, were recommended.

Bionic Hydrotherapy footbaths are a powerful method to encourage the accelerated exit of toxins. The ions in the footbath draw toxins from the lymph system out of the pores of the feet.

I discovered this high-end, restorative footbath at several naturopathic clinics in the Seattle area. I benefitted from one session with a practitioner, which led to a series of 12 to 15 footbaths, while taking the nutritional supplement Zeotrex. Within six weeks, my memory and sense of clarity returned and I felt much better. I believe without the footbaths my recovery time would have been stalled,  may have taken  years, or worse, I may have never fully recovered. Quite simply, I needed help in removing the heavy metals and chemicals from my system and the Bionic Hydrotherapy footbaths was essential in my healing process.

Satya Detox provides Bionic Hydrotherapy footbaths in the greater Denver and Boulder area. I believe this type of footbath is extremely effective in ridding the body of harmful toxins. When used in combination with other supplements offered by Satya Detox, the exit path for toxins may be accelerated. For example, the use of Natural Brown Seaweed and a series of footbaths can detox mercury and other heavy metals from the body when other products simply are not effective.

Bionic Hydrotherapy footbaths have been used for:

  • Blood and lymph cleansing
  • Cancer patients
  • Edema
  • Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Heavy metal and chemical detoxification
  • Increasing liver and kidney function
  • Inflammation (ex. arthritis)
  • Mercury detox with the support of Natural Brown Seaweed
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Weak immune system
  • Other ailments

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