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Harmful Organisms Detox Cleanse

Harmful organisms such as parasitic worms, flukes, protozoa, amoebae and fungi can live in our intestinal tracts and feed off the nutrients in our bodies, lay eggs and reproduce without our being aware. You can get parasites from contaminated food, like unwashed produce or undercooked meat, from water, as well as from bedding and clothing.  For example, you may have heard of Giardia, which is often contracted from drinking feces-contaminated water.

While traveling, it is important to remember that these harmful organisms and parasites may affect us. To help your body fend off these harmful organisms, take a high-quality probiotic before and during travel.

Symptoms of Parasites:

  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Decreased Energy
  • Fatigue
  • Foul Breath
  • Irritability
  • Memory Issues
  • Sleep Issues
  • Weight Gain

Benefits of the Harmful Organisms Detox Cleanse Kit:

May increase healthy energy levels.

May reduce constipation.

May improve nutrient absorption as flushed-out harmful organisms will not be able to diminish nutrients in the intestinal tract.

Promotes a healthy colon by ridding the body of harmful organisms.

Satya Detox offers Paratrex which has been used to flush out harmful organisms from the body. Paratrex uses organic ingredients, like Black Walnut, that are especially effective in ridding the body of harmful organisms and parasites. This product can be used with Oxy-powder to flush the organisms from your system.

Using a high-quality probiotic can help prevent or defend against harmful organisms. Original Medicine Multi-Probiotic is an extremely high-quality probiotic that supports the creation of beneficial bacteria in the body, deterring harmful organisms. This probiotic has 11 strains of probiotics and 8 billion CFU’s (Colony-Forming Units) at the time of manufacture. Original Medicine Multi-Probiotic is non-refrigerated and thrives in the toughest of digestive environments with stomach and bile acids.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) estimates that fourteen percent of the population in the U.S. has been exposed to a parasite. Harmful organisms can affect people not only in third world countries, but also in developing countries. We believe you may have harmful organisms or parasites that you may not even know about. Harmful organisms have led to deaths, diseases and a variety of disruptive symptoms. Even if you have an extremely healthy diet, it is recommended to perform a detox of harmful organisms every few years. The Harmful Organisms Detox Cleanse Kit is extremely effective in cleansing the body of these unwanted organisms and parasites. This is an easy and simple detox to perform with many health benefits to improve your health.

Detox Cleanse Instructions

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