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Reducing Anxiety, Stress, PTSD Symptoms Naturally

Anxiety is common in our society, and is it any wonder as the pace of our lives seems to be increasingly rushed? Many of us can suffer with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS)—not only those of us who have experienced war or severe trauma, but also those of us who have come to accept the role of victim, feeling defeated by life. What we often don’t take into consideration is how the simple act of being impatient, or being in a hurry, can lead us to functioning in an unhealthy way. Take a moment and consider how many of your friends or family suffer with these painful emotional states, struggle with this type of emotional disorder, or how often you hear about PTS symptoms in the media. PTS symptoms are far too common in our society.

Satya Detox carries products which support people who suffer from stress, anxiety or PTS. Post-traumatic stress symptoms can manifest in the form of numbness, feeling a disassociation from the body—which can be described as living in one’s head, experiencing any form of anxiety, or being haunted by flashbacks.

Common symptoms of post-traumatic stress:

  • Attention deficit disorder-like symptoms
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Flashbacks
  • Anxiety
  • Fear, fight or flight response
  • High stress
  • Living in the head and not the body
  • Nightmares
  • Not being present
  • Not being able to listen
  • Numbness
  • Racing mind
  • Trouble concentrating

Ways to Naturally Reduce Stress, Anxiety or Post Traumatic Stress:

The foundation of a stress reduction program is to adopt mindful awareness. Being mindful helps us pay attention to the present moment, and practice quieting our minds in active meditation. When we practice mindfulness, we also pay attention so we can be aware of when our anxiety levels are high or when we are out of balance. This ensures we can make a change in the way we are doing things when we are out of balance.

It’s essential to realize that you can make the choice to slow down. Whatever you’re doing to cause your stress or anxiety to rise, you can pause, breathe and refocus on the present moment. Breathing more deeply and more consistently will allow your body to begin to respond. Your heart rate will decrease and your mind will begin to clear. 

When we rush to get things done, or have an agenda or expectations that aren’t met, this puts stress on the body and mind. Going with the flow naturally, rather than trying to control the timing of when things are completed, can be a helpful mindset. Focusing on one thing at a time, and keeping your attention on the present moment, is productive and helpful in countering negative stress and anxiety. Practicing these calming techniques may help take you out of the fight or flight response. Exercise and physical activities like yoga can also help you stay out of your head and be more present in your body as well. Self-massages and spa massages are other successful activities to support staying in your body.

Satya Detox carries products intended to reduce stress, anxiety, and PTS symptoms. Here are a few of my favorites. Each person is unique and the effects of using these products may vary from person to person.

Arnica Montana 30C Pellets:

  • Homeopathic remedy used to alleviate trauma
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-microbial
  • Arnica and Arnica Gel have been used for soreness, swelling, bruises, inflammation; broken bones, pain, minor physical accidents and burns
  • Arnica may support reduction of emotional trauma anxiety and may facilitate relaxation


  • Powder supplement for severe trauma
  • More potent than Arnica for trauma
  • Traumagesic has been used for more severe traumas such as surgeries and car accidents and may support the healing of significant traumas.

Holy Basil Capsules

  • Adaptogen helps us adapt to our environments
  • Holy Basil counteracts stress and anxiety

Sweet Rose Tea:

  • Tulsi (a form of Holy Basil), an herbal adaptogen, acts as a calming aid and counteracts stress and anxiety
  • Effective mood enhancer
  • May help sleep

Rescue Remedy:

  • Essence distilled from 7 flowers to bring the body back to its normal resting state
  • Useful for attention deficit disorder-like symptoms
  • Helps multi-taskers improve focus on one activity at a time
  • May reduce generalized anxiety

Anti-Stress Kits

  • Combinations of the above products to help alleviate stress, anxiety and PTS symptoms

These products may be effective options for the holistic reduction of anxiety, stress and PTS symptoms. Consider any or all of these for your anti-stress toolkit or for someone you care about who suffers with these symptoms. I, myself, have used many of these products during the various times I felt stressed and have experienced the calming benefits.

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