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Satya Detox is founded on the principle that each person has an enormous potential to evolve, heal, be well, love and grow and can do so, if we choose. Our company is founded on the premise of exchanging love as well as the act of being of service to others. We are based on a "Truthful Detox" of mind, body and emotions. Our core values are: helping the world, truthfulness, kindness, balance, love, fairness, equality and respect for all human beings, animals and the Earth.


Satya Detox carries the highest quality, most effective, light-filled products and services we can find. By employing an extensive selection process before offering a product on this website, our goal is to genuinely support people in their health, well-being and healing. Satya Detox is a business with a heart focused on serving others. The products and services on this website are meant to be diverse, yet with an emphasis on the detoxification of toxins from the body.  Among the products and services we offer, there are a variety of Cleanse Kits that provide deep health and healing benefits. In the future, we plan to offer additional products, a high-end footbath detox service and new lines of Satya Detox products. Another purpose of Satya Detox is to provide valuable information that will help each person on their own journey of health and healing. This will be accomplished through an ongoing informational blog and future online learning center, highlighting less well-known information but generally focusing on topics such as: detoxification, food, herbs, energy, healing and wellness, among others.  


The potential for each of person to thrive and become what our hearts yearn to become is enormous. It requires dedication, love, introspection and yes, some hard work, but it is very possible. As the founder of Satya Detox, I am a living example of someone who has overcome challenges and evolved over the last few years through my dedication to self-healing and with loving support from others. In 2014, I received in-depth training in Medicinal Herbalism and continue in the process of adding to my studies. I am in the process of writing a non-fiction book, which will focus on my life, mental health and healing. It is my deep desire that each person who reads my book or is affected by this business will come away encouraged and motivated in their own journey. Remember: that we can THRIVE in our lives, if we make that choice.

JeffreyFounder of Satya Detox


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