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My name is Jeffrey Wang and I am the founder of Satya Detox. I have experienced many benefits from natural health solutions for my own health. My purpose in founding Satya Detox is to provide natural health solutions and information to genuinely help the well being of people. We provide information on a wide variety of health issues and their improvement through natural health remedies.

My lifestyle which I call the Satya Detox lifestyle represents living a happy, passionate and full life. I practice living from my heart with a quiet mind. When I was in my early forties, I struggled with mental health issues and was not sure how much longer I would be here. I embarked upon self-healing myself with the support of a healing program and now, I am enjoying and thriving in my life with many life purposes, challenging projects and the arts in my life. I find myself having a very challenging data analyst job, developing Satya Detox, running an Airbnb in my home, and loving the arts such as cooking, dancing, singing in a performing group and drumming. I love to walk in beautiful parts of nature as much as I can, have become part of the clean energy movement, support sustainability, feel a passion of mine is to learn about farming. A personal goal is to create my own organic farm someday and supply healthy food to restaurants and other purchasers.

I do my best to eat only organic foods and drink purified water with minerals for my long-term health and detox my body regularly to sustain my happiness and health. I have self-healed myself for many years and continue to practice positively changing myself in all areas my life to become more balanced, more educated and to live my life purposes. I practice detoxing my mind, body, emotions mindfully in all areas of my life. The happiness and joy I feel on spending energy on many difficult and challenging projects have taught me I can overcome anything. I believe in the potential of every human being to evolve and self-heal any issue they have no matter how challenging it is if they choose to. I have done it and continue to move forward. That is a major reason of why I’m here. I am writing a book about my life to share with the public.

Thank you and good health to you!

Jeffrey Wang

Founder of Satya Detox

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