Satya Detox

Footbath Detox Sessions

$ 34.00 $ 35.00

Footbath Detox Sessions
Minimum Qty Maximum Qty Price
1 5 $ 34.00
6 + $ 32.00

Sessions take place in the Denver/Boulder area. Bionic HydroTherapy Foothbath Detox Service Sessions are 30-40 minute sessions with a high-end footbath detox machine that has been used in naturopathic offices.

These footbaths release toxins and what is unneeded in the body in an accelerated way from the interstitial fluid of lymphatic system through the pores of feet. The ions act as magnets for the toxins.

Sessions have been used for:

- Arthritic conditions 

- Blood and lymph cleaning 

- Cancer 

- Edema

- Effectiveness of medications

- Fatigue 

- Fibromyalgia

- Healthy energy

- Heavy metal detoxification

- Increased immunity

- Increased liver and kidney function

- Mercury detoxification

- Multiple sclerosis 

- Overall body detoxification and other conditions

- Radiation detoxification

- Reduction of inflammation

Recommendations are to drink plenty of water before, during and after sessions; to do yoga or dry brushing to move lymph before sessions.

To detoxify from Mercury or other heavy metals, doing a series of footbaths along with using Natural Brown Seaweed and/or Zeotrex can greatly acclerate the removal of mercury and other heavy metal toxins.

Contraindicated for anyone:

- who is pregnant or lactating

- wearing a pacemaker or on heart beat regulating medication

- has had an organ transplant and is on an immuno-suppressant medication

- is on a medication, the absence of which would mentally or physically incapacitate them

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